Driver's Resources

Renewing Your New Jersey Commercial Driver License
In order to renew your new jersey state driver's license these are the things you will need:

  1. Your 6 points of Identification (To see what counts click Here)
  2. An updated DOT physical (DOT physicals are good for 2 years in most cases and must be done by a certified doctor.)
  3. A Declaration Letter
  4. Your finger prints must be re-archived (this can be done online) Directions on how-to are HERE

For new physical papers and the declaration letter see Zack or Tom in the office. Also the fingerprints should be done at least a few weeks before you go to the DMV. 

Student Write-ups
For Student write-ups you can obtain the form in the office or print out the one below and turn it in to the office

Preliminary Accident Report Form
In the event an accident this report must be filled out and turned into the office

Direction Book For Athletic Trips
Below is a book of directions to the various schools we frequent most for athletic trips